Colossal Spark is evolved crowdsourcing.
We’re the first company to crowdsource brand-building ideas – but not their executions. We’re here for brand managers accustomed to, or wishing for, Madison Avenue levels of creativity, but wanting the option to undertake executions as they see fit.

Colossal Spark channels only top creative talent.
To deliver on such a ludicrously ambitious promise, we’ve built up, and limited, our creative crowd to 1,000 of the most outstanding idea generators in the industry. They are the chosen ones because of industry recognition and track records of innovation. It is an exclusive, invitation-only community, ready and able to spoil clients silly with loads of viable brand-building ideas.

What you should expect. Ideas worth talking about. Disruptive, interesting, duct-tape-sticky ideas. This is where we dwell. Innovative, media-agnostic brand experiences that create deep emotional connections.

What we’re about – classic examples. Note that these are not Colossal Spark-sourced creations – we’re still new and don't as yet have a portfolio that we can call our creatives’ own. But call these examples the bar-setters, indicators of the levels we are setting out to deliver.

Happiness Machine

Queensland Island
The best job in the world

Burger King
Whopper Freak-out